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Embarking on a body transformation journey and curious if bodybuilding is for you? Our Discovery Plan is your gateway to exploring this exciting world. Whether you’re aspiring to achieve a competitor's physique without stepping on stage, prepping for a special event, or simply aiming to look and feel your best, we're here to guide you.

At USA Physique, led by IFBB Pros and Judges Chet and Natalie Nichols, we understand that not everyone's journey leads to competition - and that's perfectly fine. Our Discovery Plan offers a personalized workout and nutrition program that balances simplicity with effectiveness. It's not just about crafting a plan; it's about fostering understanding and enthusiasm for a lifestyle transformation.

We utilize a blend of proven scientific methods and traditional bodybuilding practices, ensuring each plan is as unique as your personal goals and needs. With us, it's not just about 'following a program' but embracing a journey of discovery and growth. We take pride in a coaching approach that goes against the grain of the usual 'trust the process' mantra. Instead of vague assurances, we provide clear, detailed explanations. We believe that understanding the 'why' behind your actions is crucial – it's not just about following a set of instructions, but about becoming an informed participant in your own fitness journey.

And what if this journey ignites a competitive spark in you? Perfect! You can seamlessly transition to our Competition Team, where you’ll dive deeper into the competitive aspect of bodybuilding. Alternatively, if you find that competition isn’t your calling, you can continue to enjoy the physique and health benefits with this program or evolve into our Lifestyle Program, focusing on holistic health, happiness, and a balanced approach to fitness beyond aesthetics.

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Included in the discovery Plan

  • Full-access to USA Physique app
  • Customized macro or meal plan
  • Customized work out plan
  • Exercise reference with over 100 videos
  • Unlimited messaging Monday – Friday
  • 24-hour response time to questions Monday - Friday
  • Weekly check-ins with your coach
  • Adapted competition-style strategies during weight loss phases
  • Ideal for newcomers and those exploring bodybuilding as a lifestyle
  • Suited for those looking to improve overall fitness, not necessarily compete
  • Balanced approach to diet and exercise, suitable for long-term adherence

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