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Welcome to USA Physique, where IFBB Pros and Judges Chet and Natalie Nichols lead the way. Our science-driven, individual-centric coaching approach, enhanced by the diverse insights of our experienced team and advisory board, combined with proven old-school methods, has led 97% of our athletes to Top-Five finishes, division victories, overall titles, and Pro Cards.

We challenge the status quo by moving beyond the vague 'trust the process' mantra by encouraging questions and providing clear answers. We aim to ensure you're not just following your individual-centric plan, but actively understanding and contributing to your own success

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Dive into the world of personalized fitness with USA Physique's diverse range of online coaching plans. Each program is expertly crafted to align with your unique goals – whether you're searching for bodybuilding coaching, curious if competing is for you, in need of weight loss coaching to help transform your physique, or simply seeking a healthier lifestyle.

Explore our services and discover the ideal plan to power your fitness evolution.

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Introducing our e-book on Macro Counting! This guide takes you well beyond the basics of macro counting. Learn how to adapt your nutrition plan to your weight changes, dive deep into the specifics of cheat days versus refeed days, and an in-depth explanation of the Metabolic Factor. Backed by over 60 cited scientific studies and articles, you won't just be following a diet; you'll learn and understand the underlying principles that make it effective.

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