All plans include full use of the USA Physique App

Welcome to the core of your transformation journey with USA Physique. Here, we offer a suite of meticulously crafted online coaching plans, each designed to meet the unique demands of your fitness journey. Whether your aim is to dominate in bodybuilding, carve a new physique, or embrace a healthier lifestyle, our plans are structured to your goals. Embrace a coaching experience that goes beyond generic routines, offering personalized coaching, nutritional guidance, and unwavering support every step of the way. Dive in and discover the plan that's right for you.

Lifestyle Plan
Month-to-Month, No Contract.
Full use of USA Physique App
Standard workout programs
Customized Macro or Meal Plans
Unlimited communication Monday - Friday
Weekly check-ins with your coach
24 hour response time M-F
Ideal for individuals seeking sustainable Weight Management
Perfect for newcomers to Fitness and Nutrition
Free Consultation
Competition Plan
Month-to-Month, No Contract,
Full use of USA Physique App
All features & benefits of Discovery
Specialized workout programs
Customized macro or meal plans
Unlimited communication in prep
Multiple check-ins with your coach in prep
24 hour response all week in prep
Daily check-ins during Peak Week
All day communication on competition day
Reverse diet & offseason program ready immediately post prep
Free Consultation
Discovery Plan
Month-to-Month, No Contract.
Full use of USA Physique App
All features & benefits of Lifestyle
Customized workout programs
Video Form Checks
Competition-style strategies during weight loss phases
Ideal for newcomers and those exploring bodybuilding as a lifestyle.
Suited for those looking to improve overall fitness, not necessarily compete
Free Consultation
Weight loss and lifestyle coaching
Lifestyle Plan

Designed for overall health and fitness, this plan emphasizes sustainable lifestyle changes, balanced nutrition, and fitness routines that fit into your everyday life, perfect for long-term wellness goals.

bodybuilding coaching
Competition Plan

Tailored for serious athletes aiming at competitive success. An individual-centric plan that offers very intense training, advanced nutritional strategies, and a focus on peak performance for top-tier stage condition.

weight loss coaching
Discovery Plan

Ideal for those exploring the world of bodybuilding or seeking a competitor's physique without competing. Offers a balanced approach to training & nutrition, suitable for fitness enthusiasts at any level.