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Valerie Ocano

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Valerie Ocano

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Valerie, a dedicated Lifestyle, Discovery, and Contest Prep Coach at USA Physique, combines her zeal and expertise as a two-time NPC Bikini Nationally Qualified and two-time Overall Champion. Her credentials extend to being a National Academy of Metabolic Science (NAMS) Certified Nutrition Consultant and Physique Sport and Transformation Coach. Valerie's athletic journey began in high school with track and cross country, but her true calling in weightlifting emerged while pursuing her B.S. at UC Davis, leading her away from the running tracks and towards the bodybuilding stage.

Her transformative journey into bodybuilding began with CrossFit in 2012, marking the start of a seven-year dedication to growing her physique and mindset. This unwavering commitment culminated in her earning the NPC Overall Bikini Champion title twice and coming within reach of the IFBB Pro Card at the 2021 NPC Universe National Competition. She missed it by one spot.

As a coach, Valerie is passionate about helping individuals transform their mindset and realize their full potential. She emphasizes a holistic approach to fitness, guiding women to achieve their physique goals in a manner that enhances overall health, nurtures self-relationships, and promotes a balanced approach to nutrition.

Residing in Arizona, Valerie's life outside coaching is as vibrant as her professional endeavors. She indulges in sushi, immerses herself in books and podcasts, and actively engages in hiking and tennis. Her love for exploring Arizona’s coffee shops and capturing its sunrises embodies her philosophy of balancing rigorous fitness goals with life's simple yet enriching experiences.