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Molly Greer

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Molly Greer

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Molly, an enthusiastic Lifestyle, Discovery, and Contest Prep Coach at USA Physique, is a two-time NPC Bikini Nationally Qualified and Overall Champion. She is also a National Academy of Metabolic Science (NAMS) Certified Nutrition Consultant and Physique Sport and Transformation Coach. Her athletic background includes mixed martial arts and cheerleading, but her true calling emerged with strength training in 2015. This journey swiftly led her from her first NPC bikini competition to winning the Overall Bikini title the very next year.

After a period focused on building her physique and coaching skills, Molly joined Team USA Physique in 2019. Guided by Chet and Natalie, she not only clinched another first-place victory but also came tantalizingly close to earning her pro card in 2020.

Molly's approach to coaching is infused with the drive and empowerment she gained from strength training and competing. She is passionate about helping her clients find a harmonious balance between achieving fitness goals and enjoying life. Her coaching emphasizes the importance of nutritional balance, daily habits, and a transformative mindset.

Living in Idaho with her husband and beloved fur child, Molly enjoys an active lifestyle that includes hiking and backpacking. She's equally passionate about leisure pursuits like bowling, indulging in tacos, and traveling. For Molly, it's about embracing life in its entirety – both inside and outside the gym.