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Get to know the dedicated professionals who are the pillars of USA Physique. Each member of our team brings a wealth of experience and specialized expertise to our coaching programs. Delve into their unique insights, deep knowledge, and unwavering commitment to guiding clients towards achieving their fitness and bodybuilding ambitions.

USA Physique, led by IFBB Pros and Judges Chet and Natalie Nichols, exemplifies the pinnacle of bodybuilding coaching. Their swift ascent to professional status – Chet earning his IFBB Pro Card in just 14 months and Natalie setting a record with a 19-day rise from True Novice to IFBB Pro  – mirrors their exceptional dedication to the sport.

Chet and Natalie's innovative approach to coaching is encapsulated in their Physique Readiness Coaching™, a holistic strategy that encompasses an athlete's entire career trajectory. This comprehensive method integrates extensive off-season development, nuanced contest prep, strategic peak week planning, and effective post-competition transitions. Beyond sculpting champion physiques, they emphasize a balanced approach to fitness, advocating for a lifestyle that harmonizes intense physical training with personal well-being. They choose to only work directly with macro counting competition clients and there is a premium to work directly with Chet and Natalie, as reflected in the competitor application.

Chet and Natalie’s life in Boise, Idaho, is a blend of professional and family commitment. They demonstrate that achieving competitive success and maintaining a harmonious family life are not mutually exclusive. Chet and Natalie are the proud parents of 4 beautiful children, 3 sons and 1 daughter. Their coaching style, therefore, is not just about winning competitions; it’s about winning at life – instilling discipline, passion, and balance. Their influence stretches beyond the gym, shaping a community where success is measured not just in trophies, but in personal growth and fulfillment.