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Karin Hobbs, IFBB Pro

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Karin Hobbs, IFBB Pro

Posing Advisor
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Advisory Board Member, Karin Hobbs, is a distinguished figure in the bodybuilding industry, with over two decades of experience as an IFBB Pro, Judge, and Olympian. Her expertise as a posing coach is further enriched by her unique skills as an aerial yoga instructor, making her a true "DIFFERENCE MAKER."

Hobbs's approach to posing transcends traditional methods. Her background in aerial yoga equips her with a deep understanding of fluidity and grace, which she seamlessly integrates into her posing coaching. This enables her to guide athletes in translating their natural movements into captivating stage presence, marked by elegance and poise.

Karen understands the crucial balance in bodybuilding competitions. While she places a strong emphasis on mandatory poses, ensuring her clients excel in the comparison rounds where victories are often decided, Karen also recognizes the significance of well-crafted routines. Her strategic coaching is tailored to master the poses that are vital for making a lasting impression during these crucial rounds. Karen ensures that her clients are well-prepared for routines, as they add to the overall performance, but her primary focus remains on the mandatory poses and comparison rounds - where the competition is won or lost.

What truly sets Hobbs apart is her ability to instill confidence and showcase each athlete's passion and dedication through their stage presence. Her aerial yoga expertise adds a unique dimension to her coaching, enhancing athletes' ability to present themselves with flow and grace.

As a member of the USA Physique Advisory Board, Karin Hobbs brings a combination of experience, knowledge, and a unique skill set making her an invaluable asset to the team. With more than 23 years in the industry, Karin has spent her entire career pursuing excellence in herself and her craft, while cultivating the same in others.